Pump-Flex Composite Hose

Part Number: Pump-Flex Composite Hose
Novaflex Pump-Flex Composite Hose is specifically designed for the Pump Rental Industry. This suction & discharge composite hose provides extreme flexibility, light-weight handling and excellent service life. Excellent for the transfer of water, dirty oily water and light chemicals. Rated for full vacuum. (Consult Novaflex Chemical resistance chart for chemical compatibility before use). 
*Not for use in Marine Dock, Crude oil, Bunker oil, or heavy viscous product applications. For these applications, contact Novaflex.

Absorbs pump pulsations
Due to composite construction, less manpower to install than rubber hose, easy to package for shipping & storage
Standard lengths: 10 ft & 20 ft with CS 150lb Fixed X Floating Flanges
Crimped couplings: Other fitting combinations available. 
Operating temperature: 212°F / 100°C
Maximum Length: 100ft (10" = 80 ft)


電話:(0571)5660 8888-1551
郵箱:[email protected]

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