Viton® Acid Suction Hose

Part Number: Novaflex 4800/4878
Novaflex 4800 Red Smooth Nitrile Cover
Novaflex 4878 Black Smooth Nitrile Cover

A rubber hose, recommended for transfer of acid, solvents and chemicals either by pressure or gravity flow. Used as chemical transfer hose for loading tank cars, transport trucks and storage tanks.

Tube: Viton® chemical and heat resistant rubber
Reinforcement: Plies of polyester tire cord with helix wire
Cover: Smooth black weather and abrasion resistant nitrile rubber
Length: 100 ft.
Temperature Range: -30°F to +250°F
Consult chemical resistance chart
Not for steam service, can be open end steam cleaned


電話:(0571)5660 8888-1551
郵箱:[email protected]

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